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About Our Instructors

Krista Johnson, Music instructor

Krista Johnson


Director/Founder, Piano, Voice, All City Music, Preschool Music

Krista is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a vocalist. She has been accompanying, performing, conducting, and teaching for more than 30 years. Krista specializes in developing a personalized music program for each student, drawing from her wide experience. She teaches young learners through adults.

Krista is on a life-long pursuit of musical mastery. In addition to weekly instruction, she attends pedagogy conferences, assesses new curriculum, implements technology-based tools to accelerate our students’ musical competencies, performs publicly, and holds free training for choral conductors

She recently assessed at the top 1% of the world’s professional pianists who have completed the Standardized Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR), a feat indeed. 😊

When not collecting music or instruments, she enjoys traveling and early morning walks with her husband.

Joseph Morris, Piano, Guitar and Ukulele

Joseph Morris

Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Ukulele

I love playing the guitar, piano and ukulele! I've been playing guitar for almost 10 years. I started playing in high school and kept playing because it was so fun! I'm a big sports fan and love all the teams from Chicago. In my free time I love playing video games, card games, and sports like basketball or football.

Beth Muzio, Violin, Piano

Beth Muzio

Orchestra, Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass

Beth Muzio is a classically trained violinist and strings music teacher. She has played the violin for 30 years, has taught private lessons for 20 years, and has taught orchestra and violin classes in the public school system for 16 years. Beth has studied under pedagogues Kathy Fishburn, Dr. Amanda Starck, and Dr. Bruce Berg of the Juliard School of Music.

Beth graduated with a Music Education degree from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She was a middle school orchestra director for 6 years before becoming a missionary, where she traveled and played violin with a worship ministry. The travels led her to Yuba City, California, where she re-entered the teaching field and became an elementary violin teacher with the Yuba City Unified School District. For the past 9 years, Beth has also taught private violin, viola, and cello lessons at Pete’s Music Center, and she has performed with several community orchestras.

Beth’s favorite part of playing the violin is getting to “jam” with other musicians. She believes that inside of everyone is the desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and playing a musical instrument is a great way to do that. Beth enjoys playing in the orchestra because she gets to make beautiful music with others. When she is not teaching, Beth likes to spend time with her husband, ride her bike, watch cooking shows, and pet her four cats.

Mason Durst Guitar, Piano, Composition

Mason Durst

Piano, Guitar, Trumpet

Being classically trained in piano lessons from ages eight to sixteen allowed Mason to dive head-first into the wonderful world of music. With skill sets in Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals, and Songwriting; Mason has found ways to include music into a part of his everyday life. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a B.S. in Integrative Studies, Mason moved to Sacramento in 2016 and quickly found himself immersed in the local scene the city has to offer.

Now years into the Sacramento music scene Mason's band, "Band of Coyotes", has become well-associated as a strong contender in the local scene. The band had accomplished many feats such as "Sacramento News and Review Best New Artist 2019", and "Best Rock Band 2020", while also getting the chance to perform a halftime show for the Sacramento Kings!

Mason's thrilled to be full circle back to where it started, from learning piano at a young age to now helping other students develop their abilities musically, he knows firsthand what impact music lessons can have on a developing mind.

Yin Lie Piano

Yin Lei

Voice, Piano

My name is Huiyin Lei. I graduated from UC Davis with a degree in music vocal performance. My experience of reading staff music started in the summer before beginning my college life. Studying music as my major was the most challenging decision, but it was also the most accurate decision I made. I will love music for my entire life because I believe music motivates human emotions; music gives happiness. I want to keep exploring music skills and spreading the magical energy to the kids. I have patience and passion for working with children; they always bring me positive energy. And I hope I can be their good friend and a moral teacher to accompany them to grow.

Cienna Short,Piano

Cienna Short

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele

Cienna is a classically trained pianist who began her musical education at the age of six She completed all ten levels of the Certificate of Merit program through the Music Teachers Association of California and graduated from the program with the State Honors award her senior year of high school. Certificate of Merit is an annual musical evaluation that tests musicians’ performance, technique, ear training and sight reading abilities, as well as knowledge and application of musical theory. She has a knack for theory, and by the time she graduated from the program she had a collegiate level understanding of the subject.

Her love of music grew exponentially when she began teaching at the age of thirteen. In her style of teaching, Cienna prioritizes classical technique and musical theory, as well as having lots of fun. She values students individual strengths and encourages the exploration of each students own musical interests. Cienna’s greatest hope for her students as they embark on their musical journeys is that she can be an encouraging, patient, helpful, and guiding presence. The learning process can be difficult, but that just gives even more reason to celebrate the accomplishments along the way!

Cienna is currently a student at UC Davis studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience. When she’s not doing homework, she loves to play and write music in her free time. Spending lots of time outside and all things animals are also great passions of hers.

Jennifer Poduska,Piano

Jennifer Poduska


With a teaching career spanning over 14 years, Jennifer is a dedicated piano instructor who thrives on cultivating a love of music in all of her students. She was classically trained for over 9 years and has completed the Royal Conservatory of Music's "Teaching Elementary Piano" course.

Jennifer was a Regent’s Scholar at the University of California, Irvine and received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Ecology with a minor in Education.

Jennifer loves getting to know each of her students on an individual basis. She encourages her students to have a well-rounded musical education by covering topics in technique, sight- reading, rhythm, artistry, performance, and theory. Setting pragmatic goals, fostering positivity, and simply having fun are integral components of Jennifer's approach.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, serving at church, and spending time with her six children and husband, Josh.

Lisa Sanduleac,Piano

Lisa Sanduleac

Piano, Percussion

Lisa loves to teach and share her experiences and knowledge with others and to lead them to success.

Lisa comes from a family of generations of musicians. She attended Scoala musicala du George Enescu, a where she trained classically in piano performance, music theory, solfeggio, and choir. Among her accomplishments, she placed 3rd in piano performance in an International Music Concert in Balti, Moldova, 2015. She graduated from George Enescu in 2016. In addition to her classical training, she has performed in jazz band, concert band, and marching band (percussion) in Elk Grove and Rocklin. She was captain of front percussion ensemble (marching band). Her Elk Grove band placed 1st and 2nd in several local competitions.

Lisa has 13 years of performance experience and enjoys accompanying solo and group performances. She also serves on her church worship team as an accompanist and singer. She has a breadth of music theory and practical knowledge, from classical music to lead sheets.

Lisa is currently pursuing a Business Administration degree. When she’s not teaching or studying, she enjoys catching beautiful golden hours, traveling, watching movies and spending quality time with her family.

She is excited to meet you and help you become the musician you want to be, learning the music you love.

Inna Gonsta,Piano,Voice

Inna Gonsta

Voice, Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet

Inna began taking professional music lessons, as well performing, at age of 6. Her music academy lessons began with 7 different classes in piano, choir, theory, ear training, performance.

She graduated Music academy at age 12, and began her journey as piano accompanist and choral director at age 13. Since age 7, she has been a singer and performer, traveling with groups and artists, soloist, doing shows in different local churches and big shows. From ages 14 through 20, Inna trained and directed 5 more choirs, in addition to 2 from local church. She traveled with the Oasis Chamber Choir, doing shows and performances and began to take on a professional, well-known around the world Choral Ensemble. Inna graduated with a BM degree from Moscow, and earned a Bachelors of Music in Piano from California State University Sacramento, where she was studying with Richard Cionco, and Don Kendrick. Inna has been teaching for over 20 years.

Inna enjoys finding a way for every student to love creating music and sharing the art of music with listeners.

Kristi Scoubes,Piano,Voice

Kristi Scoubes

Choir, Voice, Piano

Kristi has been singing and performing over 20 years, including State vocal competitions. Kristi studied voice under Ken Church and currently performs with Sacramento Choral Society & Orchestra. She is the founder of Inspire Choirs of America, conducting youth and adult choirs. She also teaches piano, beginner to intermediate students.

Brittany Faveau

Brittany Faveau


Hello! I'm Brittany, a Vocal Teacher at Rocklin Music Academy. With over 10 years of experience in music, I've been deeply involved in various aspects, including participating in my college choir and playing guitar. Growing up in a musically inclined family definitely enriched my journey. My passion lies in working with children and teenagers, drawing from my own experiences in voice and theatre during that age. I find fulfillment in guiding young talents, helping them explore and develop their musical abilities. I look forward to the opportunity to share my knowledge and love for music and singing with you!