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Recreational Music Making

The guiltless piano class!

Lessons for ages 18 and up

Studio membership is all-inclusive. All materials, supplies, studio events are included. All you need is the instrument.

Recreational Music Making (RMM) is not about inspiring extraordinary music – it’s about inspiring extraordinary living. RMM is a lifestyle – a lifestyle that brings many non-musical benefits to the participant. The materials in this program are intended to create musical experiences that enhance the quality of life for both student and teacher.

RMM is not about exceptional performance – it’s about exceptional support and personal experience. RMM classes are not about the final product as much as they are about the joy found in the process along the way. Classmates encourage and support one another as they make music together.

RMM is not about teaching people to play – it’s about giving people the permission to play. Public perception about the talent required to play a musical instrument has kept people from trying. We believe that every life needs music and anyone can learn to play. The desire to play is the only pre-requisite to this RMM program.

RMM’s best facilitators are not just talented musicians – they’re caring, compassionate, and intuitive guides. Intuitive guides who are primarily concerned with the quality of the musical experience of each student. A caring and compassionate teacher allows the adult student to relax, accept and enjoy each step in their musical journey

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