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Why Choose Us?

The studio has one of the most comprehensive programs for student development and performance in the region. Not just for piano, but for every student. We strive to be “The Studio” that we wish we could have joined as students.

Our expertise, extensive music library, and modern equipment give us the range of repertoire and technical ability to provide top-level instruction for beginners to advanced students.

Our music program offers variety and educationally sound development. We ensure that your child learns aurally, visually, kinesthetically, and most important -enjoyably- every week.

Studio membership is all-inclusive. All materials, supplies, studio member events, local and regional performances, informal piano parties, master classes, YouTube contests, and more, are included. Every month offers something new. You only need the instrument. This is both convenient and an exceptional value!

We offer lessons Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm. Call for a free introductory session!

We are proud members of the following organizations.

  • National Association of Music Education
  • California Music Educators Association
  • National Federation of Music Clubs
  • National Association of Teachers of Singing
  • Piano Marvel® Certified Instructors